Introducing the Lifelong Learner Literacy Program


On January 26, 2016, the Library Foundation Inc., approved funding for the a new two year literacy program, the Lifelong Learner Literacy Program.

Net proceeds from the BookEnds event will be used to support year one of the program through the hiring of a full time Literacy Coordinator for 2016 and 2017.

To support year two of the program, we are targeting an additional $120,000. The goal of this two year literacy enhancement effort is to reach our youngest readers and their families in all areas of the community, especially the under-served.

We give you the choice to support your community and this historic effort. By making a tax-deductible donation you can continue the fight against illiteracy.

With nearly 50% of Manatee County third reading below their grade level, any contribution you make will positively impact our community and aid in the next generation’s success.

We have a variety of programs your contribution can support. View the Lifelong Learner contribution form below to send your gift online. Additionally, you can send your contribution to The Library Foundation, Inc., 1301 Barcarrota Blvd. W., Bradenton, FL 34205

Lifelong Learner Contribution Form


Libraries are magical

With your support in 2015 our Library Foundation provided over $141,000 in support to our county public library system.

Your support has helped the Library continue to be an award-winning innovative, customer sensitive community center for young and old alike. More people than ever before are coming to Library programs and using Library facilities and resources.

Yet the challenge of outreaching to the underserved and the general community remains.

Continuing in 2016 the Library is committed to building on its success and expanding its wonderful literacy and summer reading programs for youth. We hope you will continue to support the Library Foundation as we work to expand the number of Florida Library Youth reading programs, help the Library purchase more literacy kits, and provide funds for additional exciting programs and resources.

Online Donation Form


Get a Lifetime Library Card with a donation of $100 or more.  


Rid yourself of frustration. No more expiring library cards. Your lifetime card will work forever!

Eliminate the $20 annual fee as a library user if you or a friend/family member are a nonresident (here less than six months)

Gain a tax deduction and know you are supporting our wonderful organization and the Manatee County Public Library system.

It is easy. Send in your $100 and we will connect you with the right Library person to get your Lifetime card.



Why People Give


Libraries are vital today.

With the Internet, we both thought the need for the library was declining. Were we wrong! We are proud to help more people discover the benefits of our library today.” — Anne and Eugene Beckstein

Read “More than books” to learn more about why the Beckstein’s give.


A lasting memorial to benefit the community.

My wife Gail was deeply committed and involved with the Library and the Library Foundation. When she died, I could think of no better way to honor her memory, than to establish a memorial fund in her name. The fund continues to provide needed resources for young people and keeps her spirit alive.” — Jack Manson


Helping those in need.

After retiring and moving to Florida, I began volunteering at the Manatee Central Library. When my macular deterioration became a problem, I could no longer complete the work at the library, I retired again. But, my love for the library did not end. I started helping in a financial way. I found that even more fulfilling. My donations provide stimulating and interesting audio books for visually impaired people.”  — Caroline

Give by Check

Please download and print the donation form and return it with your check to:

Manatee County Library Foundation

1301 Barcarrota Blvd., West

Bradenton, Fl 34205

Mail-in Donation Form Online Donation Form Online Payment Form

OR donate:

  • in memory or honor of a friend
  • to give a gift of assets or property
  • to name the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of your insurance policy
  • to create a charitable trust
  • to include the Foundation in your will and estate planning
  • to establish an annuity
  • to receive your Lifetime Library Card
OR If you would like we can discuss a different approach to your donation. Call us at 941-748-5555 Ext 6306


To aid in our support of the libraries, click on the Giving Partner link for more information about how to give to the Manatee Library Foundation. The Giving Partner Sarasota Florida